Who is Allah?

Who is Allah?

Very often one will here the Arabic word "Allah" being used in regards to Islam. The word "Allah" is simply the Arabic word for Almighty God, and is the same word used by Arabic speaking Christians and Jews. If one were to pick up an Arabic translation of the Bible, one would see the word "Allah" being use where the word "God" is used in English. Actually, the Arabic word for Almighty God, "Allah", is quite similar to the word for God in other Semitic languages - for example, the Hebrew word for God is "Elah". For various reasons, some non-Muslims mistakenly believe that Muslims worship a different God than the God of Moses and Abraham and Jesus. This is certainly not the case, since the Pure Monotheism of Islam calls all people to the worship of the God of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and all of the other prophets.Courtesy Of: Islamic Awareness

Allah’s names and attributes

Al-Malik (The King)

Definition of Al-Mulk (Ownership): According to the Shafi’ite school of Islamic Jurisprudence a worshipper should recite the above Quranic Verse in the first Rak’a of prayer as In Arabic the word “Mulk” means “the ability to dispose with things”

Al-Quddous (The Holy)

Definition of Al-Mulk (Ownership): But before we set out to talk about this Great Divine Name of Allah, I would like to stop for a short time at a very important fact: All of you know that solid bodies constitute entities that occupy certain spaces, for they have length, breadth, height, weight and mass... A point does not have a mass,

As-Salam (The Source off peace, Safety and perfection)

This Divine Name of Allah means that He, All-Mighty, All-Majestic, is the Source of Peace and Safety, which also means that He, Glorified and Exalted, is Free from any kind of defect,

The Believer

It’s not enough to believe in the existence of Allah the Great and Almighty. Believing in the existence of Allah the Great and Almighty is not enough, This speech of Satan means that he believed in God. Nevertheless,


In our approach to the study of Allah’s Beautiful Names, we adopt the following procedures: First point: the speech about Allah’s Beautiful Name. second point: its practical applications.


I have previously made clear that it is not enough to believe that Allah exists. You have to believe in His existence, His Oneness (in His Divine Self, Attributes and Acts), and His Perfection. In fact,


Sometimes, man’s qualities are confused with the Creator’s Attributes. Therefore, it is necessary to make clear that if some qualities or attributes are attributed to the Creator,

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