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Welcome to the Islamic Information Ireland. helping you understand islam.. Here you can fnd information about Islam and Muslims in Ireland, such as mosques, prayer timetables and general information. Also you may find some basic informationand articles regarding Islam.

 Dear visitor. Coming to this WEB site would mean that you want to know about Islam, Muslims and the associated culture. Perhaps you want to know what Muslims say about themselves or what others say about Islam and Muslims. You yourself may want to say something about Islam and Muslim. Whatever reason you have you are welcome, any time. We live in a time where information about practically everything is readily and globally accessible for any one. For one to not have the knowledge of Islam is a real deficiency. Islam has existed for more than 14 centuries, and it is the religion of about 1.6 billion people, making every fourth citizen of the world a Muslim. Therefore, you need to know something about Islam. You may have a lot of information about Islam and Muslims, but did you verify the authenticity and correctness of the information you have? Is it representative of the reality? Is your knowledge of Islam taken from the right original sources of Islam or just from the media propaganda? Is your knowledge about Muslim based on your experience and your direct contact and relationship with Muslims? Can this knowledge be generalised on all Muslims? This Website has been established to be a source of information about Islam and Muslim, and to provide a forum where interested people can communicate and share information. So let us together make sure that it is achieving these objectives in a friendly and healthy environment. Thank you for your visit to this Website and for your contribution to make it successful.